Coloring Wide and Narrow

Coloring Wide and Narrow Worksheet

Worksheet Description

Which of these objects is wide and which is narrow.  Color the objects based on the directions that are provided on the worksheet. This worksheet is a visual exercise designed to teach the concepts of “wide” and “narrow.” It features two sets of images: the first set includes two trees, one wide and one narrow, and the second set includes two doors, one wide and one narrow. Students are instructed to color the tree that is wide and to color the object that is narrow, which in this case is one of the doors. The activity uses simple, clear illustrations to make the comparison between wide and narrow straightforward for young learners.

The worksheet is intended to teach students how to distinguish between objects of different widths. It helps children understand spatial concepts and descriptive terms related to size. By coloring the objects that represent these attributes, students can visualize and reinforce their understanding of the terms “wide” and “narrow.” This kind of exercise is fundamental for developing observation skills and vocabulary associated with dimensions, which are important in various educational subjects, including math, science, and art.