Compare on a Seesaw

Compare on a Seesaw Worksheet

Worksheet Description

All of these objects are placed on the opposite side of the seesaw.  The heavy object will weigh things down. The lighter objects will float up. Color the objects that are heavier in each instance. This worksheet is a coloring activity where students must determine which object is heavier in pairs. Each section of the worksheet depicts a two-pan balance scale with different objects on each side, such as a keyboard versus a calculator and a laptop versus a snail. Students are instructed to color the object that is heavier. This activity provides a visual representation of weight comparison, making it easier for young learners to understand the concept of mass.

The worksheet is designed to teach students how to compare the weight of different objects, an important concept in early science education. By considering which object would weigh more, students develop their reasoning and analytical skills. Coloring the heavier object allows them to make a decision and demonstrate their understanding visually. This exercise helps lay the groundwork for understanding the principles of weight and balance, which are fundamental in physics and everyday life.