Sorting By Weight

Sorting By Weight Worksheet

Worksheet Description

Cut out all of the objects at the bottom of the worksheet. Paste the objects into the proper column based on their relative weights. This worksheet is an interactive sorting activity where children are instructed to cut out pictures of various objects and classify them based on weight. The top of the page has two labeled columns, “HEAVIER” and “LIGHTER,” and provides blank spaces where the sorted pictures are to be pasted. At the bottom, within a dashed line border, there are images of items such as a book, pencil, helicopter, leaf, rose, and car, which the children need to cut out. The task is to decide which objects are heavier and which are lighter, and then place them in the correct column.

The worksheet teaches students about the concept of weight and the comparative property of being heavier or lighter. It encourages children to use critical thinking and decision-making skills as they assess each item’s weight relative to the others. The hands-on nature of the activity—cutting and pasting—also helps to develop fine motor skills. This exercise not only educates about physical properties but also introduces the basic principles of categorization, an important skill in scientific observation and organization.