Heavy and Light

Heavy and Light Worksheet

Worksheet Description

You are given a series of objects in groups to compare. Color the objects based on the directions that are provided on the worksheet. This worksheet is a coloring activity designed to teach children the concept of weight. The page is divided into two parts: the upper section has pictures of various objects that students are instructed to color if they are heavy, and the lower section contains a different set of objects that students should color if they are light. The objects range from everyday items like a bus and a stove, which are generally heavy, to a baseball and a feather, which are typically light. The activity combines the fun of coloring with a learning objective centered on the physical property of weight.

The worksheet aims to educate students about the differences in weight between various common objects. By selecting which objects to color based on their weight, students practice distinguishing between heavier and lighter items. This activity is designed to help children develop an understanding of basic physical properties of objects in a tactile, engaging way. It also aids in building vocabulary related to weight and can serve as a precursor to more detailed scientific concepts involving mass and gravity.