Drawing Widths

Drawing Widths Worksheet

Worksheet Description

On this worksheet you will draw a similar object in each row that is either narrower or wider than the object that is already present.  You can add some color for extra credit if you would like to. This worksheet is a creative activity designed to help students understand the concepts of “wide” and “narrow” through drawing and coloring. It contains two sections, each with a prompt and a blank space: the top section asks students to draw and color a narrow vase, and the bottom section asks them to draw and color a wide hat. Examples of a colored vase and hat are provided to guide students on what a narrow vase and a wide hat might look like. The worksheet allows students to express their understanding of these spatial descriptors artistically.

The worksheet teaches students to identify and represent the difference between wide and narrow objects. By drawing a narrow vase, students learn to visualize and create something that is elongated and slim. Conversely, by drawing a wide hat, they focus on creating an object that has a broad expanse. This exercise not only reinforces their comprehension of spatial dimensions but also encourages creativity and the application of these concepts in a tangible form.