Committee of Five

Committee of Five Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is centered around the Committee of Five, which was established during the American Revolution to draft the Declaration of Independence. It prompts the student first to describe what the Committee of Five was, and then to name each of the five members and write a brief biography for each one. The layout includes a section for writing the definition and a table for the names and biographies, thus structuring the student’s responses in an organized manner. This activity not only tests the student’s knowledge of historical facts but also encourages research and synthesis of information.

The worksheet’s objective is to educate students about the Committee of Five and its significant role in American history. It teaches the importance of individual contributions to a collective effort, highlighting the collaboration necessary to achieve the historic milestone of American independence. Through this exercise, students learn to identify and articulate the contributions of these key historical figures. Moreover, writing biographies fosters an understanding of the historical context in which these individuals operated and the impact of their personal and political lives on the formation of the United States.