Combination Craze

Combination Craze Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a creative and fun exercise called “Animal Portmanteau,” where students play with words by combining the names of different animals to create whimsical new species. The sheet presents a list of animal name portmanteaus, with one half of the portmanteau provided and the other half left blank for the student to fill in. For instance, “leopard” is paired with “_____” to make “leopon,” and students must determine the missing animal. The task encourages students to think about the sounds and parts of words that fit together to form these playful new terms.

The goal of this worksheet is to help students understand the concept of portmanteaus and to practice blending words creatively. It teaches them to pay attention to the phonetic components of words and how they can be combined to form new, meaningful terms. The exercise also serves to expand the students’ animal vocabulary and encourages them to engage in word play. Furthermore, it fosters imagination and lateral thinking as they figure out how to merge animal names in a way that is both fun and linguistically sound.