Analyzing Change In Four Dimensions

Analyzing Change In Four Dimensions

Worksheet Description

This Character Analysis worksheet encourages students to closely examine a character’s development throughout a story, encompassing their speech, actions, thoughts, and the reactions of others at different stages: beginning, middle, and end.

The worksheet begins with students recording the character’s name, setting the stage for their analysis.

Students are then prompted to consider how the character changes in each of the following dimensions:

  1. Speech: How does the character’s dialogue and communication style evolve over the course of the story?
  2. Actions: How do the character’s behaviors and choices shift as the narrative progresses?
  3. Thoughts: What changes occur in the character’s internal thoughts and motivations throughout the story?
  4. Reactions of Others: How do other characters in the story respond to and perceive the changing character, and how does this perception evolve?

By exploring these four aspects at different story points, students gain a nuanced understanding of character development, enhancing their comprehension of character arcs in literature and storytelling.