Sentence Corrections

Capitalization #5

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a teaching tool focused on the rules of capitalization in the English language, specifically the capitalization of the first letter in sentences. It features several sentences that begin with a lowercase letter, which is incorrect according to standard English grammar rules. The task for the students is to rewrite these sentences on the lines provided, correctly capitalizing the initial letter of each one. The inclusion of an illustration of a dog adds a visual element that might engage students and make the activity more appealing.

The worksheet’s primary educational goal is to reinforce the importance of beginning sentences with a capital letter. It serves as a practice exercise for students to apply this fundamental rule of English writing. By systematically correcting each sentence, students can strengthen their editing skills and enhance their understanding of correct sentence structure. The exercise also subtly emphasizes the significance of proper nouns, as the names of people mentioned within the sentences should also start with a capital letter.