Find the Object

Find the Object Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features two primary activities centered on the color blue. The top half provides the word “Blue” in dotted lines for tracing practice, allowing students to work on their handwriting skills. Below the tracing activity, there is an assortment of various objects, where students are instructed to circle all items that are blue. These objects include animals, clothing, and other miscellaneous items, some of which are colored blue and some are not.

The worksheet is intended to teach students to recognize and write the word “Blue,” as well as to identify objects that are the color blue. Tracing the word helps improve handwriting and reinforces the spelling and recognition of the color word. The circling activity below enhances the students’ ability to discern colors, specifically identifying the color blue among a group of items. Overall, this sheet combines literacy with color identification, engaging students in a multi-skill learning experience.