Best Ever!

Best Ever! Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is styled as an award certificate for students to acknowledge and celebrate a community helper. At the top, students have a place to write their name, which personalizes the certificate. The main feature is a title “Best Community Helper,” with lines for students to fill in the name of the community helper they are recognizing and the reason for their choice. Below this, there’s an instruction for students to color the certificate, cut it out, and then present it to the chosen community helper as a gesture of thanks.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the importance of recognizing and appreciating the efforts of individuals who contribute positively to their community. It encourages them to observe and reflect on the impact that community helpers have on their daily lives. By selecting a person to receive the certificate, students practice gratitude and learn to express their appreciation for others’ work. The activity also incorporates an arts and crafts element, promoting creativity and the value of giving a personal touch to a token of thanks.