Angles of Triangles

Angles of Triangles Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet presented is an educational tool featuring an addition table amidst a colorful array of diagonal lines in pink, green, purple, and yellow. It lists numbers 1 through 9 on the left column and numbers 5 through 12 across the top row. In the table, some sums are provided, while other cells remain blank, awaiting the student’s calculations. The task is to fill in the missing sums by adding the number from the left column to the number from the top row.

This worksheet is crafted to reinforce students’ understanding of addition by practicing the combination of single-digit numbers with a mixture of middle-range single-digit and low double-digit numbers. It encourages the development of mental arithmetic skills by requiring the students to calculate sums without the assistance of a calculator. The partial completion of the table serves as a guide to the correct method and provides immediate examples to assist in the learning process. By engaging with this exercise, students enhance their speed and accuracy in basic addition, which is fundamental to their mathematical education.