Gods and Mythology

Gods and Mythology

Worksheet Description

Choose one of the gods above. Write the god’s name on the line. Draw a picture of the god.

Religion was very important to the Mayan civilization. The Maya worshiped many nature gods.

The main Maya god was Itzamna, the god of fire who created the Earth. His name means “lizard house. Itzamna ruled heaven, day, and night. The Maya believed that the calendar and writing was a gift to them from Itzamna.

Kukulkan was the main god of the Itza people in the later part of the Maya civilization. His name means “feathered serpent.” He was a powerful snake god who is usually drawn to resemble a dragon.

The god of storms, wind, and fire was called Bolon Tzacab, whichmeans “one leg.” He was also known as Huracan (similar to our word for hurricane). According to Maya mythology, he brought a great flood when the Maya angered the gods.

Chaac was the god of rain and lightning. He was pictured with a lighting axe that he used to strike the clouds and create rain and storms.