Change Required

6th Grade Writing Prompt #3

Worksheet Description

This Sixth Grade Writing Prompts worksheet, titled “Change Required,” invites students to engage in a reflective writing exercise. Students are directed to write about something in the world they strongly feel needs to change, explaining why this change is necessary and how they can contribute to making that change happen. The worksheet provides lined space for the student’s written response. This prompt encourages students to think critically about social or environmental issues and to consider their role in effecting change.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the importance of awareness and involvement in societal issues. It aims to develop their ability to articulate their thoughts on complex topics and to reason out the need for change. Additionally, it fosters a sense of personal responsibility and empowerment, suggesting that the students have the agency to contribute to positive transformations. The task also helps in enhancing students’ written communication skills, particularly in expressing persuasive and thoughtful arguments.