Phone Life

6th Grade Writing Prompt #2

Worksheet Description

This sixth-grade writing prompt worksheet titled “Phone Life” invites students to compose a narrative from an unconventional perspective — that of their cell phone. The worksheet provides lines for students to write about a day in their life as if they are the cell phone, capturing experiences and observations from this unique viewpoint. It encourages the use of personification, a literary device where human qualities are attributed to objects or animals. This activity is designed to spark creativity by having students step into the ‘shoes’ of an inanimate object that plays a significant role in their daily lives.

The worksheet aims to teach students the use of personification in writing, enhancing their creative expression. It guides them to consider the world from a non-human perspective, fostering empathy and imaginative thinking. The task also promotes the development of narrative skills, requiring the students to construct a story with a clear sequence of events. Additionally, this exercise can increase students’ awareness of the role technology plays in their lives by contemplating what their phone ‘experiences’ throughout the day.