Compare And Contrast

6th Grade Writing Prompt #14

Worksheet Description

The Sixth Grade Writing Prompts worksheet presents an exercise where students are tasked to compare and contrast their own life with that of someone they respect and admire. Students must reflect on their personal experiences and the information they know about another individual’s life. The final part of the prompt instructs students to conclude their writing by pinpointing one specific lesson or piece of advice they can take away from the person they are writing about. This activity is designed to encourage thoughtful comparison and introspective learning.

This worksheet is designed to teach students critical thinking skills through the comparison and contrast framework. It prompts them to engage in self-reflection and to consider the qualities of people they admire. The exercise fosters analytical thinking by having them distinguish similarities and differences between two lives. Ultimately, it guides students to recognize and articulate valuable lessons they can learn from others, enhancing their understanding of personal development.