6th Grade

6th Grade Time Word Problem Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents a set of time-related word problems designed for sixth-grade students. The tasks involve various everyday and practical situations such as train travel times, study schedules, running paces, meeting durations, and time differences for international flights. It also asks students to calculate speeds, work durations, cooking times, movie watching planning, and the local arrival time of a flight considering time zone differences.

The aim of this worksheet is to strengthen students’ skills in calculating with time, including determining end times, calculating elapsed time, and converting between time zones. It helps students practice real-world math applications, like figuring out how long tasks will take or at what time they will be completed. The worksheet also introduces students to the concept of speed and its relation to time and distance, further enhancing their mathematical understanding. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to apply these calculations to scenarios that they may encounter in their daily lives or in future travels.