5th Grade Missing Letters

5th Grade Missing Letters Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a spelling challenge intended for fifth-grade students, featuring a series of ten words with missing letters. The students are instructed to deduce the correct letters needed to complete each word and write the fully spelled word on the lines provided. The graphic of a girl with a thinking bubble signifies the mental engagement required for the activity. For additional reinforcement, there’s a prompt at the bottom of the worksheet that directs students to write the word they found most difficult to spell, focusing their attention on areas where they may need further practice.

The goal of the worksheet is to strengthen students’ spelling skills by having them recognize and fill in missing letters to form complete words. It teaches them to apply their knowledge of English spelling patterns and word structure. This task also helps enhance their vocabulary by challenging them with words that are appropriate for their grade level. By identifying the word they struggle with the most and writing it again, students are encouraged to reflect on their learning process and to reinforce their understanding of that particular word. Each of the words is missing 2 letters. Input the letters to form the correct 5th grade spelling words.   You will then write the words twice each.