Pictures to Words

Pictures to Words Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a visual spelling exercise intended for fourth-grade students. It displays eight different images, each representing an object, such as a turkey or a pencil. The students are instructed to write the word that corresponds to each image on the lines provided below them. The inclusion of colorful and recognizable pictures is designed to engage the students and provide a clear visual prompt for the spelling task.

The worksheet is focused on enhancing the students’ ability to connect visual images with their corresponding words, reinforcing both their spelling and vocabulary skills. By writing out the names of the pictured items, students practice spelling common nouns, which is a fundamental aspect of their language development. This activity also aids in visual recognition and word association, key components in reading fluency. Furthermore, the task serves as a fun and interactive way to assess students’ current vocabulary knowledge.

All of these pictures bring 4th grade spelling words to life.  Determine which words should go with each picture.   The words include: knight, squirrel, kitchen, fruit, crayon, groceries, feather, thumb.