Choose From 3

Choose From 3 Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a spelling practice activity specifically designed for fourth-grade students. It features nine rows of words where each row contains three different spellings of a word, and only one of them is correct. The students’ task is to identify the correctly spelled word in each row and then write it three times on the lines provided. The worksheet is decorated with an illustration of a boy on a skateboard, which adds a fun and engaging element for the children.

The worksheet’s aim is to enhance students’ spelling proficiency by allowing them to identify and practice correctly spelled words. It helps to familiarize them with common words that may often be misspelled, promoting attention to detail and reinforcing correct spelling patterns. The repetition of writing the word three times is intended to help solidify the correct spelling in the students’ memory. This exercise also serves as a tool for teachers to assess the students’ ability to distinguish between correct and incorrect spellings. You are given a series of three different words and word fragments. You will choose which of the bunch is spelled correctly and write it three times.