4th Grade

4th Grade Percentage Word Problem Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a series of percentage word problems designed for fourth-grade students, featuring everyday scenarios to practice basic percentage calculations. The problems include situations such as determining the percentage of pizza slices eaten, the percentage of students attending a field trip, the composition of fruit in a salad, and the percentage of correct answers on a math test. Other scenarios require students to calculate the percentage of chocolate bars that are a certain flavor, the proportion of red cars in a toy store, and the percentage of recess time spent playing games.

The purpose of the worksheet is to help students understand and calculate percentages in various contexts. It teaches them to convert fractions to percentages, to determine the percentage of a whole, and to apply this knowledge to solve practical problems. These real-life examples, such as calculating the percentage of animated movies at a film night or the percentage of a soccer team’s members who play as forwards, help students see the relevance of percentages in daily life. By working through these problems, students can improve their mathematical fluency and problem-solving skills.