4th Grade

4th Grade Multiplication Word Problem Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is composed of multiplication word problems suitable for fourth-grade students, each set within practical and relatable contexts. Problems include determining the total production of lemons from multiple trees, calculating the total number of turns in a baseball game, and figuring out the total revenue from selling boxes of cookies for charity. Other scenarios involve computing how many books a library shelf can hold, the total number of flowers in multiple bouquets, and the quantity of apples in a grocery store given the number in each basket.

The worksheet is designed to enhance students’ multiplication skills by applying them to real-world problems, aiming to deepen their understanding of how multiplication is used in everyday situations. It teaches students to read and extract key information from word problems, perform accurate multiplication calculations, and derive meaningful conclusions from their results. The variety of contexts, from building walls with bricks to selling pizzas at a parlor, is intended to keep students engaged and demonstrate the versatility of multiplication in different settings. This practice will help students become more proficient in math and prepare them for more complex mathematical concepts.