3 Columns and 5 Rows

3 Columns and 5 Rows Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features four addition tables, each with a distinct color scheme, designed to help students practice basic arithmetic. The tables show a starting number on the left side and a sequence of numbers across the top, with blank squares in between for the students to fill in the sums. Each table is structured to practice adding a fixed number to a range of other numbers. The tables start with different numbers, specifically two, nine, one, and three, to provide varied addition practice.

The worksheet aims to teach students how to add a single fixed number to a sequence of different numbers through repeated practice. It promotes the development of quick mental addition skills, as students are expected to calculate and fill in the sums without the aid of a calculator. By repeatedly performing these additions, students are encouraged to memorize basic addition facts, a foundational skill in elementary mathematics. The variety in starting numbers ensures that students do not merely repeat a pattern, but understand the concept of addition across different sets of numbers.