Family Resemblance

2nd Grade Writing Prompt #8

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a writing prompt for second-grade students titled “Family Resemblance.” It asks students to consider which of their parents they resemble the most and in what ways. The lined spaces provide a place for students to write their observations and descriptions of the similarities between themselves and a parent. The top of the worksheet features a whimsical illustration of what appears to be a parent and child creature, which adds a light-hearted element to the exercise.

The worksheet aims to teach students about self-awareness and observation by reflecting on family characteristics. It encourages them to identify and articulate physical traits and personality features they share with their parents, enhancing their descriptive writing skills. This activity also touches on the concepts of genetics and inheritance in a simple and relatable way. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for children to express their understanding of family bonds and connections through writing.